Close – Pop-In Coverall Bib Stage 3 (6-18 months)


Best Coverall Bib Ever!

No Washing Required!


Pop-in Coverall Bibs for 6-18mths.

Being a kid is tough. Eating, painting, playing. Yes, things can get messy quite fast. Luckily, the Pop-in Coverall Bib is designed to keep the fun in childhood while keeping the messes out!

Makes Life Simpler

Designed with fun prints and a unique wipe-clean side with long-sleeves, this is a bib that’s perfect for keeping little ones clean easily!

Stain-resistant and waterproof means that you can let kids be kids and not have an extra load of muddy, stained or paint-splattered clothes to wash!

Makes Parenting Easier

Whether you have an independent feeder who gets more food on the front than in the mouth or kids who love to play Picasso, you can be sure the Pop-in Coverall Bib will be handy for all of this and more.

Makes More Sense



Stage 3 to fit 6-18 months


Stage 4 is also available
Stage 4 to fit 18-36 months


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Herman Monster, Kokeshi Doll, Raccoon, Seal, Squirrel, Hedgehog, Polar Bear, Deer, Rocket, Eddie Monster, Charles & Erin (Crocodile), Lala & Bugsy (Flamingo), Ticky & Bert (Monkey), Oswald & Bo (Tiger), Ffion & Mr Fox (Fox), Seb & Tallulah (Penguin), Round The Garden, Twilight Garden


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