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Hevea Natural Rubber Baby Feeding Products


Hevea natural rubber nipples come in a 2 pack, with your choice of either slow flow recommended for 0-3mths or medium flow recommended for 3-24mths. The natural teats are cherry shaped and have an anti-colic valve, thoughtfully produced with one mould to make them highly hygienic. Hevea natural rubber nipples are soft and durable in your babies mouth and soothing for the teething stage. These teats will fit Hevea glass baby bottles and all regular neck bottles. You can sterilize in boiling water, but because of the natural rubber please do not clean in the dishwasher or steamer.

Hevea, or natural rubber, can replace many kinds of plastic. Hevea decomposes naturally and can be reused to make new products. The wood of the tree itself and the rubber are our only self-imposed limitations when it comes to designing and developing new products. However, this hardly feels limiting as we are still getting to know these materials better and better. In all our curiosity, we keep firmly in contact with our roots and our reason for being here: to give you the option of creating a fingerprint that is slightly better than the one we inherited.

Plant based 100% Natural Rubber

No BPA, Phathalate and PVC

Use for Water and Milk

Soft material resistant to teething /bites

-Fits regular neck bottles

-Twin pack

-Anti Colic

Available in 2 Sizes

Slow flow is 0-3months
Medium Flow is 3-24months


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