Pikapu Honey Keys Sleep Music CD
Pikapu Honey Keys Sleep Music CD

Pikapu – Honey Keys Sleep Music CD


The Perfect Christmas Gift!

Pikapu sleep music for babies, toddlers and children of all ages. Enjoy our collection of soothing sounds to help your little one fall peacefully and calmly to sleep.

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Enjoy special bonding time with bub by having cuddles whilst swaying gently to our beautiful music. Or take time out for yourself and listen whilst relaxing or pottering around the house. Having this lovely music playing in the background will also help little ones to recognise that its now quiet and sleep time and they’ll begin to slowly quieten down. Produced and composed locally by Melbourne based artist Justin Hunter.


  • Euroline 5.23
  • Overcast 5.51
  • Mid Summer Forest 6.10
  • Late Night 5.06
  • Under Surface 5.36
  • Poker Dot 6.19
  • Firebox 5.55
  • Storm 5.15
  • Blank 4.29
  • Prejudice and Pride 1.35




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