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Created To Be by Nikki Rogers – A Hero Is


These books are absolutely gorgeous and all books are also published and printed in Australia by an environmentally conscious printing house which uses vegetable based inks and paper fibres from sustainable forests.

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Most little boys have an innate desire to be a hero. Unfortunately this passion often only heads down the path of wanting to be a superhero with powers and physical strength. A Hero Is is a children’s book written for little boys ages 3-8 years old who are often going through the “hero” stage.

“Every boy can be a hero, brave knight or superman. By helping others, doing right and being the best he can.”

* Please note, this book was not written to exclude girls from being heroes (as girls can be heroes too) but was particularly written to encourage little boys to remain heroes and therefore male characters are present throughout.

Nikki Rogers, mother, teacher and author/illustrator of Created To Be children’s books.
These beautiful books are written to share values, encourage children with the truths that they are unique and inspire them to be all they were created to be.


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