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The Perfect Way To Protect Your Nook Mattress!



Nooks Pebble Mattress Wrap Cot Mattress Protector is the perfect solution to eco bedding for babies and toddlers.

The removable surface layer of the Pebble Pure mattress employs a patented asymmetrical design to maximize breathability.

The Pebble Wrap is a cot mattress protector and mattress topper in one.

Air flows in valleys between pebbles creating an oxygen-rich crib environment while surface fibres with nano-technology limits liquids from seeping into the mattress for easy-wipe clean up.

When it’s time for a nursery makeover, just unzip the Pebble Pure Wrap and swap colours.

Materials: Eucalyptus, Organic Cotton, Zinc, Polyester, Easy-Close Nylon Zipper

Care Instructions: Machine wash cover in cold water with a mild detergent and tumble dry. Do not use fabric softener or chlorine bleach. For more care instructions please see the FAQs section.

Sea Glass




Sky Blue



Eucalyptus – Less Sweat, More Breathability

  • Eucalyptus fibre’s are one of nature’s best moisture absorbers, drawing moisture away from the infant to allow for a continuous and comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Naturally breathable eucalyptus provides a silky softness and sheen comparable to high thread count linens, making it an ideal surface for sensitive infant skin.
  • Eucalyptus is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council as one of the fastest growing renewable resources.


Zinc – Microbe resistance that doesn’t fade

  • All-natural zinc infused into eucalyptus fibre’s restricts microbes, mites, fungi and mould from adhering to the sleep surface and keeps the mattress surface fresh and clean.
  • Zinc is one of the most powerful natural, non-toxic microbe resistors available. Nook’s patented zinc fabric technology allows for successive washes without loss of potency.
  • It is a water-based formula, completely free of toxic solvents or other harsh chemicals making it gentle enough to qualify for the bluesign® certification for safety.

Certified Organic Cotton – Gentle and cosy

  • None of our cotton ever touches chemical fertilizers or pesticides, so none of our employees or customers do either. Nook cotton stays soft and gentle from the field to the crib.
  • Nook’s organic cotton weave creates a breathable and comfortable sleep surface.

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Sea Glass, Sky Blue, Blossom, Lawn, Teal, Navy, Blush


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