Maud n Lil Cubby The Bear in Bed
Maud n Lil Cubby The Bear Retail BoxMaud n Lil Cubby The Bear in BoxMaud n Lil Cubby The Bear

Maud n Lil – Cubby the Bear


Comes in a Beautiful Gift Box

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€œCubby€ the bear has a hand stitched face and a little button tail. (Which you can put your finger in, don’t worry it will come out again) He has small round ears and is sometimes a bit afraid of the dark especially on a stormy night but he is fine if you promise to squeeze him tight!

When he sits up straight he measures 16cm when sitting high and he is machine washable at 40º and comes in a beautiful lined gift box.

The gorgeous toys are machine washable at 40º.
Here are a few tips though:

  • Take their bows off first and wash separately.
  • When they come out of the machine they will feel heavy and stiff as the cellulose fibre is wet, don’€™t worry this is normal and they will soften up as they dry
  • Put somewhere out of direct heat or sunlight to dry
  • Make sure they are thoroughly dry before popping back to bed with you
  • Don’™t worry you won’€™t be the first parent to have bought a second back up toy to avoid sleepless nights because one is in the wash or has gone walkabouts, please call us for any sleepless replacement emergency, we understand!


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