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This beautiful wooden toy Doctors Kit by Make Me Iconic is the perfect role play kit to help children become familiar with medical care & making trips to the doctor less painful for everyone. It also promotes imaginative play and encourages nurturing behaviour and empathy — after all, Kitty-Kat needs some help with her broken leg! We made our kit gender-neutral to celebrate the fact that these days anyone can aspire to be a doctor or nurse.

Inside the toy Doctors Kit you have all the wooden instruments you might need for your budding doc, nurse, ambo or lab tech. All pieces are child sized and made of wood to hold-up over time. Make house calls anywhere with our beautiful carry box, and team it up with our iconic Dentist Kit or iconic Surgeons Kit to extend their play even further.


Ages 3 years +

Kit includes:

1 x Stethoscope,

1 x Blood Pressure Meter,

1 x Pair of Scissors,

1 x Syringe,

1 x Thermometer,

1 x Ointment Tube,

1 x Ointment Bottle,

2 x felt Band Aids

20cm (L) x 10cm (W) Box

Designed to comply with Australian & New Zealand toy standards with non-toxic paint. This toy also meets the European & American safety standards.

Packaged in a beautiful cardboard box

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Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions 23 × 17 × 37 cm


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