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Hippybottomus – Stay Dry Cloth Nappies – Buy 5 Get 1 Free

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Buy 5 Hippybottomus Nappies Get 1 FREE!

Now Even Better Value!


Hippybottomus Stay Dry Natural Cloth Nappies are not only great value for money!

These bamboo cloth nappies also offer great absorbency, they dry quickly & a come in the cutest colours & prints.

The hardest part is deciding what colour to get first..

This affordable pack is a great way to boost the quantity of nappies in your stash at an affordable price. Leaving you with some money to spare for a good versatile night nappy or some extra cloth wipes.

The adjustable sizing means you only need to buy one size of nappy to get you all the way through. Simply adjust the press studs on the front of the nappy to suit as your baby grows.

The outer shell is 100% waterproof PUL backing, so no need for additional covers!

The inner is 100% white bamboo charcoal fleece and is soft against babies skin. It is naturally antibacterial, mildew resistant and provides great ventilation.

The easy to use pocket design means the insert sits inside the pocket, allowing for – speedy drying (as the nappy has 2 parts). The pocket aids in the wicking of moisture away from the babies skin, meaning no Nappy rash, redness or irritation.

Download our Hippybottomus Care Guide

* Stays dry against the skin. Bamboo micro-polar fleece has the ability to draw moisture away from the skin, keeping your baby dry and helping prevent nappy rash. All moisture is drawn into the insert.

* Pocket design a removable insert is placed inside the shell which allows you to separate the two parts for thorough washing and to speed up drying. Also add an extra insert or two of a nighttime to increase absorbency if necessary.. (meaning no midnight nappy changes).

* Highly absorbent – each nappy comes with one insert which is made up of 2 layers of bamboo fleece and 3 layers of microfibre, which are both highly absorbent fabrics.

* Waterproof the combination of the layer of PUL (polyurethane laminate) and the polyester outer makes this nappy as waterproof as they come, so no cover is required. Hippybottomus guarantee that this is the best outer fabric in terms of containing moisture and preventing wicking.

* Fast drying fabrics that make up this nappy allow inserts to dry in 1-2 hours with wind and sun and within a day if not.

* One size fits most means each nappy can be adjusted to fit from birth (3kg) through to toilet training (17 kg) so there is no need to buy a whole new set of nappies as your baby grows.

There are two rows of snaps for a snug fit around the thighs and the waist as your baby changes shape. The snaps are also nice and sturdy so won’t catch in the wash or wear over time like velcro can.

* Easy to use. No folding or pins and no soaking is required which makes these modern cloth nappies just as easy to pop on as a disposable and really simple to wash (especially if you use a flushable bamboo nappy liner to collect the solids).


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1 review for Hippybottomus – Stay Dry Cloth Nappies – Buy 5 Get 1 Free

  1. Georgie

    Hippybottomus are really great mcn’s and were my first choice for my 4 month old daughter. They’re super soft inside and adjustable for a comfy fit. The designs are adorable too which is a bonus! They look good as new after washing too. I would definitely recommend giving them a try.

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