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Hippybottomus – Stay Dry Cloth Nappies

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Great Nappy! Great Price!



Hippybottomus Stay Dry Cloth Nappies are great value for money.

Stay Dry Natural Nappies are a cloth Nappy packed with benefits that tick all the boxes. Hippybottomus Nappies are made from bamboo which performs under pressure whilst offering a simple super easy to use design!

Hippybottomus stay dry cloth nappies are a OSFM pocket nappy, made from natural bamboo, these cloth nappies are affordable, quick drying and simple to prepare. Thats why it’s become one of our top selling nappies.

These modern cloth nappies are super cute and very comfortable.They perform better than disposables when used correctly and come in a gorgeous selection of unique prints and colours.

Key Features:

The nappy has a layer of white bamboo fleece against your baby’s skin, which is anti-bacterial & mildew resistant. It also gives the nappy great ventilation, helps reduce it of odours and it’s super soft. The Nappy fabric is anti-pilling and anti-fuzzing, so your nappies will always wash well and are made to last.

Hippybottomus cloth nappies quality is far superior to the synthetic fabrics generally used in stay-dry nappies.

Each Stay Dry Cloth Nappy includes 1 insert.

Made from 3 layers of Microfibre and 2 layers of Bamboo Fleece.

Bamboo fleece is known to generate anions which are beneficial to your baby’s health. Anions aid in activating the bodies cells and purifying the blood which helps with tiredness & calming your babies nervous system. Anions are also known to aid in improving allergies.

  • Outer: Polyester with Waterproof PUL
  • Inner: White Bamboo Micro-polar Fleece

Hippybottomus Stay Dry Natural Nappy Benefits:

Snap Closures – High quality snap closures will make sure that you have plenty of variables to get the perfect fit. The extra snap around the leg gives a custom fit no matter the shape or size of your baby.

Stays dry against the babies skin – Bamboo micro-polar fleece has the ability to draw moisture away from the skin, keeping your baby dry. This helps prevent nappy rash and the need to use toxic barrier creams and other products which may reduce the nappies absorbency. This will help prevent nappy rash by drawing moisture into the absorbent inserts witin the pocket nappy.

Pocket design – This simple pocket nappy has a waterproof outer shell, and an inner protective layer which wick’s the moisture away from the babies skin. The pocket in between thes 2 ayers is where thThe removable insert is placed inside the shell which allows you to separate the two parts for thorough washing and to speed up drying. The pocket allows you to add an extra insert or two of a night time to increase the nappy absorbency and eliminate the need for midnight nappy changes.

Highly absorbent – Each nappy includes one insert which is made up of 2 layers of bamboo fleece and 3 layers of microfibre, which are both highly absorbent fabrics. Extra inserts can be purchased individually. Its always handy to have a few extra’s in your stash.

Waterproof – A combination of a layer of PUL (polyurethane laminate) as well as a polyester outer makes this nappy as waterproof as they come. No extra cover is required. From our previous nappies we have concluded that this is the best performing outer fabric in terms of containing moisture and preventing wicking.

Fast drying – The fabrics that make up the nappy allow it to dry extremely fast (1-2 hours with wind and sun and within a day if not).

One size fits most – This style can be adjusted to fit your baby from birth (appx 3kg) through to toilet training (appx 17kg). No need to buy a whole new set of nappies as your baby grows.

Always get the perfect snug fit with two rows of snaps, one for the thighs, and one the waist. There are also 3 rows of ….l:front snaps to take out the rise depending on the size of your baby. By easily snapping up the front of the nappy to adjust the rise,

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    Hippybottomus – Night Insert (with gussets)


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    Hippybottomus – Reusable Bamboo Cloth Wipes


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1 review for Hippybottomus – Stay Dry Cloth Nappies

  1. [email protected]

    Good nappy for the price. Good absorbency and not bulky so it fits under all bubs clothes well. Super soft lining even after being washed frequently. Great patterns and good adjustable fit.

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