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Elissa educated me on cloth nappies and how!.. never did I go back to Internet for information on cloth nappies or putting diapers on my baby. My little one never got a single rash. I wish I could buy her whole shop coz it has the most amazing things that any one would want for their babies.. She has curated the stuff she sells and you can see the belief she has in her products by the sheer attention and time she takes to explain the products you are interested in buying. I don’t know how she remembers all her customers but she does..Love your little green footprints Elissa. Love the enthu and the love the intent to make a difference.

Hope you take LGF to soaring heights.


Olivia Boughton

Thanks Elissa. The parcel arrived on Wednesday and I love the pillow! Appreciate your help and great customer service.


Lorena Sirol

I started using Pop-ins modern cloth nappies with my twin boys when they were 6 weeks old. The thought of cloth nappies with twins was so daunting and it took some convincing at first! But now I am into the full swing of things and have my own little system in place and it’s working great! I wash them every 1-2 days. The inserts can take a little while to dry in the colder months, so a little tip…. Use your own folded traditional cloth (I cut up old cotton sheets) as back up if you run out. During the night, to save on time (and get more sleep!) I switch to eco-friendly disposables (Moltex), so I can change them quickly without worrying about rinsing the cloth nappies.

Yes, it takes up a little more time, but it’s definitely worth it in the end, knowing you are not contributing to landfill! Real money saver, and not having to go to the store every few days to replenish nappies is a bonus!


Merryn & Mai

Nappy Lab at Little Green Footprints was so helpful – it cleared up so much confusion! You were both so much help and so friendly, it was a fun morning with lots of laughs! Thank you so much! The Grovia nappies fit our newborn baby boy perfectly and we have managed to find a good system with using them. They have been great!

Thank you for all your help when we were buying them, and also the phone call when I forgot how to pre-wash them!


After reading about the numerous benefits of modern cloth nappies (mcn’s) both for the baby and the environment, I decided to take the plunge and give them a go. With my daughter due in 6 weeks time, I decided to order Hippybottomus mcn’s from LGF as they had some great designs available which I couldn’t find elsewhere. From my first contact by phone with the LGF team I was overwhelmed by their friendliness and incredible support. My order arrived in record time, within 2 days! I later discovered that one nappy had a popper missing, but when I informed LGF, Elissa rang me and couldn’t have been more accommodating, arranging a replacement nappy to be sent out immediately. I would highly recommend Elissa and her team for their professional expertise, outstanding customer service, wonderful advice, and fantastic products. I’ll definitely be ordering baby things again before too long. Thank you LGF, I’m so glad to have discovered your website!


Just wanted to give u guys some feed back because my experience has been wonderful.

I really wanted to try cloth nappies but didn’t have a clue where to start and really wanted to see some mcn’s in the flesh before spending my money on what I was told and thought would just be a lot of extra effort. I came to your shop after weeks of reading reviews expecting to be even more confused when I got there. It was just what I needed. I walked in and had a mum who had real first hand experience give me great advice! I started out planning to only cloth part time but loved it so much I had to change to full time. Even my hubby prefers the cloth nappies. So Thanks for all your super helpful and friendly service. It made the transition sooo much easier then I ever thought it would have been.



I recently ordered a pack of 3+1 Nifty Naps Modern Cloth Nappies at a fantastic price from Little Green Footprints. It was the first time I had ordered through them and i was so impressed with the quick, personal and helpful response to all my emails, and how quickly the nappies arrived in the mail. Fantastic customer service!


LGF’s customer service was fantastic. Efficient, fast and connected.


Elissa, thanks for your follow up email! Your service was amazing and I love all the products I purchased! The salt lamps are my favourite! Delivery was very fast! I will definitely use LGF again! Thanks again


LGF have been great to deal with. Quick and easy transaction and I was very impressed that even though they aren’t open on Sundays they organised another location for me to pick up goods. I would definitely shop here again.


….really wonderful and really cool modern cloth nappies, amongst other things (e.g rice cakes for babies!)….you need to try them to dispel any pre-conceived myths about cloth nappies, these are super easy to use.


Thank you so much Elissa for your great help and thoughtful efforts with finding those nappies I was desperately looking for. Excellent communication and top notch products, I will definitely be ordering again. A very happy twinnies mama Thanks heaps again, nappies are in use, happy twins, happy mama!


Hi, being the average single Australian guy, I was struggling with something different to buy as a baby present. Some friends are a little alternate and have a preference for organic products, thus was the subject of my search. The organic baby products, in particular cloth nappies and cool baby wear (amongst the numerous other products) make your site very appealing to my friends. The fact I can use the electronic gift voucher facility, made for the perfect present and a painless and easy exercise. I’ll definitely be using this site again. Thanks.


One little happy customer. Thank you.