Goldfish Gifts LogoThe Story…

The Goldfish Gifts journey began in the 1988 whilst Elisa and Roel (Goldfish Gifts owners) were travelling through Bali, on their way to Italy, where they managed a camping ground and cafe in a little known valley near Lago Maggiore in far northern Italy.

It was on their way to Italy, that they stopped in Bali and bought their first mobile from Ketut Nik…..a softly spoken and rather shy Balinese man, who sold his mobiles from a little porch in front of his home. This humble mobile was the catalyst for Goldfish Gifts! They hung this mobile as a pretty decoration near the register in the Cafe that Elisa managed. Over the next few weeks, they had many requests from their guests to buy this mobile. It was then that a light went on!!!!

All paint is non-toxic and mobiles are totally processed by hand. The wood used is either mdf or pine from controlled plantation forests. The bags they come in are made in another small village on the other side if Bali where previously unemployed, stay at home mothers, gather to gossip and work together. They are made with a smile with the intention of making you and your children smile too!!! Safe, beautiful, handmade products that are made with love and good karma, for a reasonable price!