Baby Beehinds – Ecopads


Experience the softness and comfort of cloth pads. Don’t be grossed out- you’d be surprised….it’s the most natural and comfortable way to take care of your menstrual needs!
All pads are topped with a stunning royal purple cotton velour, then teamed with one of our 4 beautiful PUL colour options.



Despite initial thoughts- cloth pads are simply fantastic. They are so very comfortable, and dont have the irritating chemicals associated with disposable pads. To care for them, it is simply a matter of hand rinsing them in cold water and then washing them in with your normal clothes wash! You can wear natural luxurious cotton velour against your skin (rather than plastic) and save yourself lots of cash in the long run.
Cloth pads are designed to last for years!

Our ecopads are made with a core soaker of bamboo fleece attached to a hidden layer of bamboo jersey, a layer of PUL (to prevent leaks). All topped with
gorgeously soft cotton velour. The pads’ wings snap into place with our high-quality resin snaps.
  • Liners – Measuring 22cm long and a 17cm wing span (for use as a pantyliner or as a backup when using a tampon or menstrual cup)
  • Lights – Measuring 24cm long and a 17cm wing span (for those women who need a longer liner, or for light flow days)
  • Regulars – Measuring 28cm long and a 20cm wing span (for use on medium to heavy flow days)
  • Nights – Measuring 30cm long and a 21cm wing span. (for use on heavy flow days, at night, or even postpartum bleeding)

Please note all measurements are approximate.


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