Bebitek – Baby Snuggler


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Bebitek Baby  is a universal product fitting a range of bassinet and stroller models. The Snuggler also detaches from the pram to become a play mat and change mat when you are on the go.

DIMENSIONS 75 × 40 cm
WEIGHT: 500g
MATERIAL: 100% Cotton lining
DETAILS Age: Infant – 9 months
Water resistant
Machine washable
Temperature controlled

Why you will love the Bebitek Snuggler

Australian owned and family operated, the Bebitek Snuggler is often able to still be used well past the recommended 9 months. This is because the Snuggler is multi-purpose and would still be suitable for months ahead, depending on the size of your baby.

Machine washable
Sleek, trendy design
100% Cotton lining- provides warmth and comfort for your baby whilst being very gentle on their sensitive skin.

Sides fold back to become a plush pram liner in the warmer months.
Temperature control- the comforter has etwo zips; one to open the main pocket and another at the base of your baby’s feet.
Water resistant- perfect for those days where the weather can be unpredictable. Your baby is kept warm and snug in light rain.
Easily fitted to your bassinet or stroller- a universal attachment systems allows for straps to be brought through the back of the Snuggler and adjusted to fit multiple baby heights.
Perfect for travel- the Snuggler can be rolled or folded to fit the smallest of spaces making it the best travel accessory for your baby. It fits conveniently into luggage and nappy bags.


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